Measuring and metrics are an important element of any campaign. As Dr. Rosenblatt’s discussion and tips in Rules of Social Media Engagement and Measuring the Impact of Your Social Media Program, we need to focus on influence. Where are we making an impact? Who is doing it better? What existing audiences can we leverage?

Some of the areas to look at when considering metrics include:


  • How many people are you reaching?


  • Are you interacting with your audience?

Driving web traffic home

  • How are you directing people back to your website?

Although we want to measure just about everything nowadays it can still prove difficult to determine just how to do that. Dr. Rosenblatt writes:  “That said, there is still much we would like to measure in social media that we cannot. And there is a great need to bring many of these disparate metrics tools into a central dashboard that makes collecting the data less time consuming and confusing. All of this will happen, eventually.”

Reading these articles led me to take a closer look at Care2’s ROI Calculator for Social Network Campaigns. The tool lets you calculate an estimate of cost and ROI for the efforts of your staff in social networking sites, like recruitment and fundraising. As they put it, “It works sort of like an online mortgage calculator.”  The tool is from 2007 so I’m sure its a bit outdated but a very cool concept. People always want to know the ROI on social media and its such a hard figure to offer.

There are many tools and gadgets out there to help with social media metrics, but finding reliable favorites is another story. What are some of the best tools you use?

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