POPVOX = People’s Voice

ePolitics turned me on to “Smart As A Fox,” the website of Sandi Fox, a strategic communications professional.  She recently wrote about POPVOX, a platform that advocacy organizations, trade associations, unions and other groups can send their members to to take action on bills pending before Congress. People are directed to find a bill they care about, choose to support or oppose it, and share their opinion with Congress. Congressional staff and lawmakers can then log into POPVOX to measure the pulse of their district.

POPVOX is meant to help the greater public communicate with Congress easier.  We all know that it is harder than ever to get a letter or email opened by a Congressman and organizations are looking for a get their message across. On the other hand, Congressional offices are often looking how to find information on constituent opinions. POPVOX brings together those needs in one place.

Fox believes that POPVOX is the next big thing for government communication. “In my opinion, POPVOX is truly Gov 2.0 at its best and will do what LinkedIn did for career networking and what Change.org did for social change advocacy.”

The functions that Fox is looking forward to include:

1) Public Opinion by Congressional District!

2) Individuals‘ positions on legislation are counted and have greater impact.

3) Organizations can post policy statements or press releases on specific bills.

4) Launch advocacy campaigns & increase list building.

This tool can definitely be leveraged by organizations even if Congressional offices don’t tap into POPVOX. Organizations can direct their online communities to express their support or discontent with a bill. When there is a large amount of entries on POPVOX the organization could publicize how a congressional district “feels” toward a certain piece of legislature. The organization can showcase the support/discontent of a congressional district on their website, present it to the media, or send it directly to a legislator.

POPVOX. Your Voice. Verified. Quantified. Amplified.

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