State by State

Have you ever tried to track down every state politician on Twitter? I have attempted — and it wasn’t fun. Sure, Listorious or other platforms can offer some assistance but some very smart people have done some very smart research to help us miserable souls who have lost hours to this task.

A couple weeks ago epolitics wrote about DCI Group’s Excellent Guide to State Politicians and Social Media. The blog outlined the DCI Group’s “Digital America,” a state-by-state breakdown of state officials’ social media presences and examines the amount of Facebook/Twitter accounts in a state relative to its 2010 Census population. As DCI Group wrote, “This breakdown of each state’s unique social media participation rates will help public affairs and communications professionals better understand the geographical differences in the use of social networking technology to facilitate more strategic campaign plans.” The interactive flash map allows visitors to view the state rankings easily and links to politicians’ accounts where available.

The insightful findings are described by DCI Group below (The full state by state breakdown can be found here):

Twitter Highlights

  • 48 governors have a personalized Twitter presence

State Legislators:

  • At least 10% of state legislators have a personalized Twitter presence.
  • The top five Twittering state legislatures are Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania, California, and Illinois.
  • At least 80 state legislative caucuses have a Twitter presence.

Facebook Highlights:

  • Every governor has a personalized Facebook presence

State Legislators:

  • More than one-third of state legislators have a personalized Facebook presence
  • Every state has a legislator using Facebook.
  • The top five Facebooking state legislatures, by total numbers, are Illinois, New York, Minnesota, Michigan, and Texas.

The specific state pages are very informative and offer really interesting stat break downs. Each page (where applicable) has info on the state, the Governor, the state legislators and Federal resources. Massachusetts’ page (my home state) reads that it is the 7th top Facebook state and 3rd top Twitter state. The page has links to the 81 reps that have Twitter and/or Facebook — an impressive number I thought! This insight would help a digital campaign craft its strategy and make educated decisions about its outreach. Massachusetts looks like it would be a receptive state for social media outreach, whereas New Mexico is ranked 50 for Facebook and 40 for Twitter — not the best prospects for digital outreach. Now, this map is not the end all be all determinant of how and where to disseminate social media messaging. However I think it offer a great snapshot into where the most/least receptive areas will be.

What a helpful tool! This will definitely make my life easier down the line. Give the map a look and let me know what you think.

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