What’s for Lunch Today?

To practice using Facebook ads I applied the issue and target audiences I detailed in this week’s discussion: Childhood obesity, through the lens of a group like the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign, aimed at increasing awareness in mothers and teachers.

In this case I chose to focus on teachers in areas where children are most at-risk for obesity. I did some research and found a Reuters article that revealed that Mississippi has most obese kids, Arkansas has the most obese boys and Texas has the most obese girls — so I limited my ads to these states. I then adjusted target ages to 22 to 65, as most teachers would be in that range. To find teachers I selected peeople who have expressed interest in “teaching,” “educator” or “teacher.” I also considered identifying specific workplaces, such as Texas Teachers Union, or similar organizations, but chose to keep it broad for this practice ad.

I used the Let’s Move campaign URL and created language that would hopefully catch the Facebook users eye while still being informational.

I found this exercise to be more challenging than I had anticipated. I have run Facebook ad campaigns before but left them very broad. It was more difficult to determine the specifics that would reach my intended audience.

Was the excersise harder or easier than you had expected?


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